11 Best Baseball Bats for 10 year Old Kids 2024 – To Hit a Home Run!

Want to have the best baseball bat? Want to play extraordinary with a bat? Yes, you are on the right page! Here are some of the bats given for you to play as a part of your baseball team. Baseball is very popular nowadays, especially in countries like the USA and UK.

Nowadays, indoor games have become more popular rather than outdoor games. In this time when children prefer sitting at home feeling cozy, if your child wants to go out and play, then you should not stop them; instead, encourage them to go out to maintain their physical health.

Parents should buy their children accessories for baseball including bats to make the game more interesting for them. Baseball bats are available in various types. They vary according to the shape, size, and height, so be careful what you buy for your child. Your child’s preference matters a lot because he knows what he is comfortable with. Here are the Best Baseball Bats for 10 Year Old Kids that deserve your purchase!

Our Top Picks for 10 Year Olds

1. Marucci CAT 9 Connect drop 10 – Best Overall


Marucci CAT Connect is USSSA certified. This is the aluminum-composed bat. It utilizes a three-stage thermal treatment process. Its drop is 10. A drop of the baseball bat is measured by subtracting the weight of the bat from the length of the bat; for example, if the weight is 30 oz and the length is 10 inches, then the drop will be 10. Kids who are ready to hit the end-loaded barrel to increase their shots should definitely choose Marucci CAT Connect. Its color is Gray/Black/Red. Its length varies as 28”/18” oz,29”/19” oz,30”/20” oz,31”/21” oz.

The Marucci CAT Connect is a finely designed, powerful baseball bat that is constructed to give an end-loaded feel. This baseball bat has an executive handle which is designed in a particular way for removable tape. The 2nd Generation AV2 AntiVibration knob is present. The barrel of this baseball bat is thin and is composed of AZR Aluminum with a traditional structure which makes the performance of this bat extraordinary well. The diameter of a barrel is 2 ¾ inches.

This smoothly constructed baseball provides lesser vibrations and more stiffness as it is only one piece. Moment of Inertia (M.O.I) is the mass distribution along with the bat equally. Mass is equally distributed in one-piece bats, but in high-ended or load-ended bats, M.O.I is higher. The M.O.I is less in this bat because it has a thin barrel, and mass is equally distributed throughout the bat. Talking all over, Marucci CAT 9 Connect drop 10 produces efficient and powerful results.


  • The traditional feeling while swinging
  • Aluminum construction
  • Anti-vibration knob


  • Price is high

If you want a perfect performance in your game, then you should definitely buy Marucci baseball. It has all the attributes a bat should have. This amazingly engineered baseball bat does not cost much, in my opinion, with these extraordinary features.

2. DeMarini CF Glitch – Best Baseball Bat For 10 Year Old Boy

This is a limited edition baseball that comes here to improve and spark your baseball lineup. The colors available are White/Black. The barrel diameter is 2 ¾. It has a paraflex composite barrel which is generated to have a sweet spot and consistent response. It has a two-piece composite construction for better performance, and the mass is equally distributed throughout the bat for a great experience with a heavy barrel.

There is a Reaction end cap in the barrel, which gives a mixture of lighter and stronger material. This cap increases the performance of the barrel with which smooth swings are produced. It has a -10 drop. The drop of the bat is measured by its total weight subtracting the length of a bat. It has a 3 fusion connection. This is a new type of construction of a baseball bat for a higher performance rate. This allows the bat to have less vibration and throws energy back to the barrel for a great shot.

Its high performance is for both the contact hitters and for the hard hitter. Contact hitters are the one who is in contact with the ball and maintain score by running towards the base. While the power hitters are the ones who hit the ball hard, out of the field mostly. So it doesn’t matter which type of hitter you are because DeMarini CF Glitch is for every type.


  • Reaction End Cap
  • Paraflex composite barrel
  • 3 fusion connection


  • Lack of variety of colors

All over, it is an amazing bat for 12 years n underage kids. Its high performance makes this bat one of the best baseball bats. With this bat, the confidence level of your kid increases as he knows he is holding a bat with plenty of satisfactory attributes.

3. Easton ADV 360 – Best Youth USA Bat

Easton ADV 360 is an improved new version. Some new features are introduced in it.  Its colorway is white/red. The barrel diameter is 2 ¾ inches. Its length-to-weight ratio is 10(drop). It has a 1.15 BPF USSSA stamp. Easton ADV 360 has the attribute of iso connexion for more power. This bat is made of composite material.

Let me give you a fast explanation of composite bats for your guidance. Composite bats are fully carbon-constructed bats whose material is equally distributed throughout the bat to produce better balance for the batsman. To provide more stiffness and leverage to the batsman, there is an introduction of a DFS carbon handle. This Dynamic Feel System carbon handle is made from 90 percent carbon fibers to provide extra stiffness for an extraordinary feel.

The speed cap of Easton ADV 360 provides more flex and better response. Its custom lizard skin grip provides you with an extra smooth feel, cushioning, and track. The power boost technology provides you with extra leverage and potential power. There is 360 technology introduced in this baseball bat that keeps the accuracy of the barrel composed.


  • Durability is great
  • Looks great
  • Feels awesome
  • Swings well


  • It gets hot really fast

If you are looking for a more flexed and better response device, then this product is tour best choice. The 360-degree technology in this baseball bat makes it an exceptional option.

4. Easton 2024 Hype – Best Big Barrel Bat For 10 Year Old

It is approved by USSSA and has a certification that is only for young leagues. Its barrel is 2 ¾ inches. The color of this bat is Navy/Red. The material of this bat is a blend of new Thermo Composite Technology. It has a drop of -10 and -8. Its massive barrel is connected with a sweet spot to produce a great swing experience.

The swing process, by the combination of these two(barrel and sweet spot), is not only finest but also lightest. It has a balanced weight. The technology of Soft Knob is engineered in this bat which helps in reducing vibrations. It has a pro stiff carbon handle which is composed of carbon fibers to create a rigid handle.

This applied science allows the batsman to grip the bat more firmly. The connection point on this bat has been revised to make it more beneficial for the user. This New Connection Max increases the energy transfer, and the nitro cell foam helps to reduce vibrations. Flow Tack Grip provides the batsman utmost cushioning and stiffness feel on the bottom of his hand.


  • Soft knob producing Fewer vibrations
  • New Connexion Max Technology
  • Flow Track Grip


  • It is on the expensive side

Easton 2024 Hype is a blend of technologies. It provides your kid with a great experience when he plays on the field. It has a new variety of technologies introduced to which pull up the confidence of your child.

Buyer’s Guide

Source: baseballbible.net

Weight of a Bat

Make sure that the bat is not so heavy because if it is, then the swing will be affected. If the mass is too low, even its swinging power is high, it still wouldn’t perform perfectly. Extend the bat outward in your hand and hold for 45 seconds consistently, if you can hold it easily, then the weight is perfect for you. If not, then try not to buy it.

Right Material

Choose composite, alloy, hybrid, or wood material. Material selection is upto you with which material you feel is easy to play. It’s not always to follow the fashion but to see your own comfort and ease. Composite bats are carbon-constructed bats whose mass is equally distributed all over the bat, and sometimes the end barrel is heavy to perform better swings. Alloy bats are often called aluminum bats, and the best part about them is they can be used even if they are damaged a bit. Hybrid bats are a mixture of alloy and composite bats. They give barrels of alloy bat and composite handles. Traditionally used wooden bats are becoming popular again. Nothing can beat its sound and swing.

League Certifications

Source: ibatreviews.com

USSSA is the United States Speciality Sports Association for players of age14 and under. Make sure that you are certified by USSSA. This certification is important if your baseballer falls into a typical age range. This is now common to require and ensure players’ safety.

One-piece vs. Two-piece bat

An important point to consider while choosing a baseball bat is whether this bat is a two-piece bat or a single-piece bat. This is important because flex and energy depend on it. Single piece bat is composed of the same material from knob to barrel. This one material construction provides little flex with very little or no energy loss.

In a two-piece bat, there is a fusion of barrel and handle. The barrel part of the bat is connected to the handle of the baseball bat in a very fine manner producing more flex and production of a smooth swing. A two-piece baseball bat also withstands vibrations.

Length of a Bat

Measure length and height of the player. It will help choose a baseball bat for a player. Stand straight and open your arms in horizontal directions. Put the handle of the cap on the center of your chest, and the barrel should point towards your dominant hand. If the barrel end is near the wrist, then it is too short, if it ends with the index finger, it is too long. It should end where your knuckles are.

Do not go for a Particular Brand

If your friends are using bat of some specific brand, don’t follow that. A brand which is famous won’t mean that it will be perfect for you. Confirm the attributes and specifications of a baseball bat, and then choose it for yourself.


Source: thebatnerds.com

What bat size is good for a 10-year-old kid?

The perfect size is 29 to 30 inches.

What should be the baseball bat drop for the 10-year-old kid?

Drop changes as the player becomes stronger. For starters, baseball bat drop should be -10 or -12 drop.

What should be the baseball bat weight for a 10-year-old kid?

18 to 20-ounce weight is ideal for a 10-year-old kid.


All the above guidelines will help you in selecting the best baseball for your 10-year-old kid. Otherwise, you can also take permission from the storekeeper and try these baseball bats on any sports ground near you. It is a bit risky because when the baseball is out of its packaging, no store will accept it back, so make sure you know all the features of a baseball you are thinking to buy. Let’s give you a quick review of our most favorite bats to help you with a better selection.

  • Marucci CAT 9 It has a drop 10, approved by USSSA, barrel composed of AZR Aluminium with microstructure. OLS constructing barrel to the handle in a fine manner that they look finely same.
  • DeMarini CF Glitch has a Paraflex Composite barrel, 3 fusion connection creates fewer vibrations. The reaction end cap allows the barrel to perform well.
  • Easton ADV 360 has is two-piece a composite baseball bat. New 360 engineering for barrel precision. New iso connection for more power DFS Carbon handle creates more stiffness speed cap provides more flex. Power boost knob technology gives more power potential and leverage.
  • Easton 2024 Hype has new Thermo Composite Technology. For a stiff feel, there is a New Max connexion technology. Flow Tack Grip is also available. Power boost knob to create fewer vibrations.